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Civic Service Report

Some fraternity members gave a family in need a helping hand for a project that meant more than just shoveling snow.

Paul Burton reports in this week’s Civic Service Report.

While most college students are relaxing on the weekend a group of students from the fraternity Phi Delta Theta are clearing a way for a family in need in Sterling.

“Giving back to others is what this fraternity does”

On Saturday 17 students from five different New England chapters came together to shovel out the driveway and backyard for Peter Monchamp who is battling ALS.

“This is a big help to be able to get this,”

The 63 year old was diagnosed with ALS a year ago and has recently lost his ability to walk.

“Community service is a fantastic way to keep in touch with our brothers but also helping other people in need during corona”

“Clearing all this snow out is just phase one of this project with the help of the ALS foundation and Amp Ramp the family is installing a handicap ramp on Monday”

“Right now I cant get out of the house or up or down the stairs so the ramp is critical for me to get out and go to doctors visits.”

“it feels great to do this for him eventhough we cant see him but honestly its a great feeling and they are so appreciative of him”

Nationally the fraternity has come under fire over the past several years and has had a number of violations and suspensions. This is one of the ways they are trying to change the culture.

“This is what helps divert them from some of that stuff. Also squashes stereotype of drinking”

“Phi Delta Theta has really come around and we are leading the nation on giving back to the communities.This is right thing to do. Its not all about partying but service before self,”


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