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Civic Service Report

“I instantly took them in. They’re like my family now already.”

Faith Bordas Maguire has been working for the Philipsburg Revitalization Project. One day she was visited by three boys while she was working. Showed them around and after her tour she got a surprise.

“I said where did that 5 dollar bill come from. They said we don’t have any idea. So I look down the road and there’s the boys riding down the road and I yelled at them and said come back here. I said did you guys put this money here and they said yeah they wanted to make a donation towards the building.”

Middle school students Brody Davis, Dorian Lannen, and Drake Taylor have since brought back two other monetary donations. As they hope to continue to help bring back Philipsburg.

“We want to help out Philipsburg and make all the buildings good and make it look new and everything.”

The trio has also helped other businesses across town. Hoping to pitch in wherever they can.

“I just feel like I want to help people and do something. Make this town a little better.”

What started has a innocent bike ride downtown has turned into love to serve. As the boys hoping to see their community turn into something special again.

“Buildings around here are getting old and they look beat down. So they’re helping them out and building them again and making it good around here again.”

Those like Maguire say they will take any help that they can get. And coming from teenagers, makes it even more worth while.

“They helped today and will do another trip tomorrow and we’ll keep them busy. They’re just a great group of kids and I’m thrilled to have them on board.”

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