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CIVIC Service Report

When we are normally showcasing a Civic Service Report, it’s a non profit that’s looking to help its community.

This time around we’re highlighting an upcoming event put on by a local non profit to say thank you to its community.

We’re checking out the Sideline Cancer Day Basketball Clinic by the Greg and Cathy Griffith family foundation in this week’s Civic Service Report.

When you hear the Greg and Cathy Griffith family foundation two things normally come to mind.

Their mission:

“What our mission is, is to take pancreatic caner off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure.”

And their Sideline Cancer team in the basketball tournament on ESPN.

This year the Sideline Cancer team’s their General Manager, Billy Clapper their Coach Charlie Parker well known player Mo Creek and renowned girl’s basketball player Kolby Morgan are helping to host a free clinic as a way of saying thank you.

“So it’s really going to be giving back to the community and especially our youth, thanking everybody for their support of our team and most importantly their support of our endeavors to take pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure.”

The clinic will be held at Lakemont Park for local basketball players in grades 7 through 12. Its popularity causing it to fill up within a very short time.

“Oh my heavens, within a day. Within a day it was filled. Billy is that well known in the area for his basketball skills, so it only took a day to fill up the clinic.”

Griffith adds players won’t just be honing their basketball skills, but also their mental game.

“And the most important thing of the day is our TBT GM, coach, and player will talk to the student basketball players about an ‘I can’ attitude, and a ‘believe alays’ spirit.”

To stay up to date on all the Sideline Cancer basketball team’s events and stats, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Sideline Cancer TBT.

To make donations toward their mission or for more on how to get involved, you can go to their website

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