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Civic Service Report

“I just pulled up. I was walking in to get a bag of ice.”

Brice Gathercole never imagined a quick trip to Casey’s to buy ice would turn into him interrupting a robbery.

“Came up to the counter and there is this gentleman standing behind the counter with a gun stuffing his pockets full of cigarettes.”

The store’s three clerks were hiding in a closet office and on the phone with police.

“I just started talking to him, you know, trying to keep everything nice and calm and cool, you know, asking if he needed any help or if he needed a ride somewhere. Anything to get him kind of calm and relaxed.”

“While that conversation is going on inside, Colfax Police and Jasper County sheriff’s deputies are swarming the store outside.”

“I tell him, I say, ‘You know, I’m trying to help you here.’ I said, ‘Could you point that somewhere else?’ And he looked away just for a second. I grabbed the barrel of the gun, pulled it off to my side and then took it away from
him. I knew all the officers were out here, so I went out the door with the gun like this.”

Colfax Police took Danny Stevens into custody and no one was hurt.

“It turned out the best way it could.”

All because this customer with no law enforcement or military training never broke a sweat.

“How were you able to stay so calm?”

“I don’t know. I just kind of roll with the flow.” / “I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I was just helping out.”

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