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Civic Service Report

A video of a Missouri mother who brought her toddler to a job interview has gone viral.

It’s also highlighting the childcare challenges some parents face, especially during the pandemic.

Gabriela Vidal shows us how this mom is starting a very important conversation in this week’s Civic Service Report.

Suited up and with resume in hand

Maggie Mundwiller Brought her son to Job Interview:

“I knew people would relate to it, I just didn’t quite know how many.”

1 Year old Mylo Mundwiller joined his mother Maggie Mundwiller on her job interview.

The St. Louis County mother documented the whole journey on Tik Tok

“Now I think were probably almost to 8 million views, which is insane and awesome.”

Six weeks after Mylo was born, Mundwiller says she was laid off from her job and has since struggled to juggle finding work during the pandemic and taking care of Mylo.

“A lot of people are not able to pay for the child care if they’re unemployed even if there is one parent that is employed, you have so many other bills that you have to pay for.”

So, when Mundwiller got a last minute call to interview for a new job she feared she couldn’t make it work.

“I was just honest and let them know that I wasn’t able to have child care so I may need to schedule it for another time. So, immediately their response was, they’re child friendly.”

A January 2021 Pew Research study says about half of employed parents with children under 12 say child care responsibilities have been difficult to handle during the pandemic.

Mundwiller says this video sheds light on the struggles families like her have faced

“Hopefully employers all over will start listening to this conversation and read the comments”

Comments all over her Tik Tok are now calling for more employers to normalize child friendly offices or offering child care access.

“Its just such an important thing to continue this momentum to talk about it, hopefully be better as a country.”

Mundwiller says she got a job offer.

And if you have a story of someone or a group helping others in your community reach out to us on so we can highlight them here in our Civic Service Report.

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