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Civic Service Report

When it comes to police dogs most would think they are cute and most think they are mainly there to sniff out drugs, but in Tennessee last week one was the main reason a little girl is now safe and sound. Cody Murphy has more in this week’s Civic Service Report

K9 Deputy Richard Tidwell of the Rutherford County sheriffs office spends more time with K9 Fred than even his family.

“I consider him my partner because we live together, we work together, and we do everything together.”

That’s why when a call came Friday to find McKenzie Rieder, they were ready for the rescue.

Police had been searching for Rieder and her father. They believed they were camping in the Pea Ridge community.

“I brought my stuff to retain a scent article. He proceeded to go back toward the driveway again. He raised his head up and made a hard left turn back toward the back of the house again.
We right up the stairs sniffed one side of the door, sniffed the stairs, sniffed all over and he looked at me.”

“That’s his cue when he has a odor when he goes to a door. I said are you sure? Show me! So he stood up pawed at the door again 2 or 3 times and he sat back down again with his tail wagging.”

Moments later, McKenzie was rescued and her father was arrested and charged with child abuse.

“The little girl wanted to me the dog that saved her. Gave her a lick and she gave him a big ol hug. His reward for successful find is chicken. He loves chicken.
If you say chicken he’ll perk right up.”

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