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Civic Service Report

Starting things off in this week’s Civic Service Report we start off with an update to a couple events we covered last month.

At the end of May the Ronald McDonald House charities of Mid Pennsylvania held its Bacon and Bourbon Fest.

The money raised at the event goes toward Rooms For Ronald that was started in Altoona and in Johnstown. It’s the localized mission of the Ronald McDonald Houses to give families a place to stay while their kids are being treated at the hospital so their focus can be on the health of their kids not travel.

They managed to raise close to $6500.00 at Bacon and Bourbon Fest!

Then in early June at their 29th annual RMHC Mid Penn golf outing they raised just shy of $25,000.00.

Now to our next story where a New Hampshire man is being deemed a hero after taking quick action to save a young girls life.

Tiffany Chan reports.

“That good Samaritan telling me he has no professional medical experience, but when he saw that five year-old girl severely injured, bleeding, and in desperate need of help, he knew he had a jump in.”

“Was just, it was like a war zone. It was chaos everywhere.”

Scott Dimmer says he didn’t have time to panic when a car came barreling through a Salem New Hampshire home with kids inside, he was fixing the sprinklers a couple doors down. When he heard the impact,

“The father came out of the house, screaming that he just killed my little girl. And, uh, I saw the blood squirting out of her neck. So I knew she was still with us.”

It wasn’t the car that hit five year old Giuliana. Saturday investigators say the driver 37 year old Scott Dowd had been drinking and was going so fast. He took out a neighbor’s mail post,
catapulting it through the house. So you took your shirt off and applied pressure

Scott Demers/ Saved Girls Life “Yeah. To her neck. And, um, then, uh, when the doctor came over and he said, he asked me, he said that he sh let me see the neck. And I said, no way. And he said,
it’s it’s, it’s it’s squirting. And I said, yes. And he said, don’t move your hand at all. ”

It was moved that likely saved Guliana’s life before she was med flighted to a Boston hospital. Her father crediting those who answered his cries for help.

“Really? They are the ones that saved her life because I was in complete panic. I didn’t know what to do. ”

The five year old has a broken jaw and several facial cuts, but is expected to make a full recovery. Thanks to an unlikely hero.

Scott Demers/ Saved Girls Life “I don’t have the most inviting appearance sometimes, but, uh, no, but you know, you know, heroes don’t always wear capes. I guess.”

“A go fund me. Page has been set up to help with Juliana’s medical bills. Investigators say that they do believe alcohol and speed played a factor in that crash from Boston I’m Tiffany Chan for WBZ

Giuliana was released from the hospital on Tuesday.

And if you have a story of a person, group or organization doing good things to help out your community let us know and we’ll showcase them here in our Civic Service Report.

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