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Civic Service Report

The Maryland Zoo has given its animals an important job cheering up patients at a Children’s Hospital.

It worked for one cancer patient who got up close and personal with penguins without actually leaving her hospital room.

Stetson Miller has the story in this week’s Civic Service Report.

Getting up and close and personal with these little guys all to make one teenagers day a little bit brighter.

17-Year-old Che Penn is a cancer patient at the the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai

She got the chance on Tuesday to virtually visit these African Penguins at the Maryland Zoo

One of the many animals the children here get to see.

“I’ve had tortoises, I’ve had birds, I just had penguins. I’ve seen a lot of the zoo.”

When the covid pandemic began, that prompted the hospital to stop allowing visitors, even animals who used to come here regularly.

But fortunately, the virtual visits were already a part of the zoos programming for children’s hospital patients all across the Baltimore area.

“Any time you’re in a hospital, it’s kind of probably not the best day. So we’re hoping to be able to spark a little bit of joy and kind of bring a smile to a kid’s face.”

And it’s certainly does that for Che

“It really makes my day, especially on days when I don’t feel like doing anything then I get a little visit and its like, ‘Aw okay.'”

“And if you want to learn more about the zoos virtual programming you can head to our website WJZ.COM.

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