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Civic Service Report

Just because most kids have to wear a mask in school it doesn’t mean they can’t smile.

One child in the Kansas City area is taking his quick wit to heart while showing it so everyone can see.

Andres Gutierrez gives us a look into the mind of someone who’s just looking for a good laugh. In this week’s Civic Service Report.

Eight year old Charlie Hilton loves everything about a joke

So when it was time for the aspiring comedian to go back to school in the age of covid, a light bulb went off.

“I like to make people laugh, and a lot of people like jokes, so I want to put them on my mask so people can read them. ”

The third grader comes up with them from Books, Tv and his own quick wit.

“Why did the banker quit his job? ”

“Why? ”

“Because he lost interest.”

Using his mom’s penmanship on the mask Charlie share his jokes with everyone at Park Hill’s Southeast Elementary.

They’re a hit with the cafeteria workers.

“One day I had to hold my Doritos in my mouth, mask on, just so they could read my joke. But they did like it. ”

“Charlie’s mom hopes that in this simple act of spreading joy there can be a lesson for other parents and children during these very tough times.”

“It’s just all about attitude. People tend to think that mask wearing has to be something horrible or traumatic, or not fun for kids. And honestly, you can make it something fun. It’s really it’s
not a big deal.”

Brieanne has started an Instagram account documenting Charlie’s joke of the day.

“I mean it’s just a great way to put a smile on people’s face if you’re having a bad day, you know, they’re, they’re pretty corny jokes, but everyone laughs ”

And now more than ever

We all need a good laugh.


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