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Civic Service Report

This week’s Civic Service Report is a 2 for 1.

“I can’t leave, I can’t be in the water because there’s sewage and I’m getting shocked.”

The night hurricane Ida made landfall Stephanie went to bed thinking she’d be unfazed by the storm.

But she couldn’t have been more wrong.

She lost everything and her landlord at her Middle Village Apartment told her she no longer had a home there.

She was forced to leave without so much as a change of clothes.

“I’m here telling you I have nothing and they didn’t care.”

Stephanie posted about the ordeal on Facebook and it was seen by one of her former kindergarten students at St. Sebastian’s Catholic Academy.

Julia Manning who’s now in 8th grade. Julia told her mom Amy, and in a click the Mannings came back into Stephanie’s life in a big way.

They started a gofundme for her

“We feel good that you’re helping somebody out, especially somebody that I know.”

“I saw how it helped Stephanie feel like there were people who cared about her.”

So far they’ve raised a few thousand dollars but more than that they’ve raised Stephanie’s hope.

“I just needed that faith in humanity again.”

And for the Mannings it was an opportunity to give back and live their faith.

“We tell our kids all the time, do the right thing, look out for people, help people in need, and it’s more important to show them.”

They’re hoping to raise more money.

Stephanie has a long way to go, but she’s learned that just as quickly as your life can change for the worse it can change for the better.



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