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Civic Service Report

A Navy Veteran recently became a star on Tik Tok all because even at nearly 80, he’s still serving.

Not actively serving in the military, but serving others out of a sense of compassion.

And his good deeds came back to him in a big way.

Kent Erhdal reports.

If you’re wondering how a 79 year old navy vet on a scooter became Tik Tok’s hottest new account consider it a sign.

“I’m a co-founder for a channel called did you know that, and we make educational videos for the deaf community that are fun and engaging.”

Amanda Kline’s neighbor Kenny Jary isn’t deaf and didn’t know about Tik Tok but is fun and engaging.

“He started learning some sign language, you know, like, ‘Yes.'”

“Yes. Coffee.”

“What other ones do you know? Famous.”

“Famous! Yes.” (Laugh)

His famous turn began just a week after his Tik Tok debut, famous when his beloved scooter broke down.

“Sad about the scooter.”

Until 650,000 followers showed up

“I just posted it really honestly thinking if we got lucky, maybe he’d get like a hundred dollars off a scooter or something.”

Within hours, the Tik Tok community raised $5,000.

“It has just taken off people love Kenny. I mean, why not? I do too”

And the love has just kept coming.

“They’ve given you 45,000.”

Pennies go fund me has now surpassed $90,000 and counting.

“I didn’t even think it would it get a thousand dollars? You know. And look what happened famous. You know, I’m so honored, you know, my angels took care of me. They did it. Now I got angels
here. Goodly angels that take care of me.”

Thanks to his heart of gold, Kenny’s following on Tik Tok has topped 660 thousand.

The Go Fund Me money will also help him pay down debt, move into a safer home, and get new teeth.

And he’s using some of it to help fellow vets in need.

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