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Civic Service Report

A Packers fan who had a medical scare at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field has reunited with two women who came to his rescue after he collapsed outside the stadium.

Randy Sabel got to meet the good Samaritan’s and thank them for helping save his life.

Derrick Rose was there for the touching reunion.

Two words have never meant so much to Randy Sabel and his wait to share them with these two women.

Those words thank you.

“Thanks for being there.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s really good to see you. I want to cry.”

“I’ve done enough of that already.”

“We just wondered so much about you.”

Wondered because the last time these three met, it was unclear whether Sabel would even ever speak again.

Sabel was at the center of a crowd last Monday outside the south gate at Lambeau Field.

He had collapsed and no one knew why.

Bystanders tried to help.

Among them, those two women who happened to be old friends randomly at the same gate.

And fortunately for Sabel, those women Gail Butrymowicz and Sarah Spychalla were old friends and old colleagues at the same hospital.

“Got down on the ground and started to assess this man. And other people were around trying to help out as well.”

Turns out, there were other first responders outside the gate, just there to see the game only to have their training tested, too.

Jodi Nelson a police officer and her brother, Chad a nurse who started CPR.

They worked until medics got there to take Sabel to the hospital.

One week later, Butrymowicz and Spychalla invited Chad to the reunion too.

“Was anybody helping at the time?”

“There was CPR being done at the time.”

“By the guy that actually…”

“Yes by this guy.”

“Here you go. This is the guy that was doing the chest compressions.”

“Well hello!”


“Thank you so much.”

“We were also were like just hoping everything turned out ok and you were gonna be all right. That was our main concern.”

“Well thank so much for jumping in.”

Jumping in and saving a life at Lambeau.

As for what prompted the health scare it turns out Sabel has an allergy to shellfish which he did not know at the time.

When he got to the hospital, he said doctors opened his shirt and found him covered in hives.

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