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Civic Service Report

In this week’s Civic Service report, a 94 year old woman is spreading kindness across her community and across the nation. We have the story from Wyoming. And I send them in my Christmas greeting. If you’ve been around Casper, Wyoming, you’ve probably noticed 94 year old Selma Schneider.

For years now, Schneider has been proudly giving out free hug coupons to spread kindness. I thought it would be nice to have the coupons to hand out to others. And it started as a very small venture, but it was grown tremendously through the years.

Schneider has not only made an impact locally, but also around the country. She started handing out coupons on airplanes at treatment centers and even the grocery store to brighten others days when I was checking out. one day I gave a gentleman one and he said, Where could I have five more?

My grandchildren are coming to visit me. Schneider says seeing how this small act of kindness can have a huge impact on people is inspiring. She says it warms her heart to know she’s helping others in this way. You do it because youlove others.

You want to help, whether it’s your neighbor or who it is. And some people have said when they received a coupon, that’s just what I needed today. Schneider uses her creativity to also write poems and verse.

She says sharing with the world is a great way to remind one another that life is short and there’s so much to be thankful for. You can’t keep up with the challenges, but you must give thanks for what you do have. So that is because as many things that if you think about it, you can be thankful for that.

Maybe you don’t even think about it the moment. A very sweet story indeed.

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