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Civic Service Report

Hospitals aren’t usually considered romantic locations, but a couple from Iowa was able to buck that trend and they use the facility where the groom to be was treated for COVID 19 as their wedding spot.

Brian Masters shows us the celebration in this week’s Civic Service Report.

“He was sick, as you can be, without passing away.”

“There were probably times we all questioned if he would make it home. After 47 days in the hospital,” Jonathan Johnson finally made it home.

The recovery, however, remains slow going. It makes you realize that you know life is a little too short.

The 28 year old from Council Bluffs hadn’t been vaccinated and got COVID near death has a way of crystallizing what’s important.

“We were engaged for over a year, you know, and when I finally woke up from being on the ventilator for three and a half weeks, you know, and I was feeling a little better and I
was able to breathe and stuff, you know, I thought to myself, I was like, You know, I want to marry this one.”

He planned to surprise his fiancee, Mariah, with a hospital room wedding. The staff at Methodist Jenny Edmondson would be his wedding planners, and she was right there by his
side the whole time.

“In sickness and in health. And he was sick and she was right there, so just fits the part.” A friend sneak Mariah’s wedding dress to the hospital, while another convinced her it
would be a hair and makeup day.

The medical team took care of the cake and a wedding photography. There was no flower girl. However, I did throw some petals here in there for them when they were actually
getting married. You can see the love in his eyes.

“I mean, he was right. He was smitten to marry her. And that was that was a beautiful thing.” The surprise worked. Mariah didn’t suspect a thing and the tears of joy much more
manageable than what she left in the hospital the last six weeks of unknowns wondering would Jonathan even make it?

“I was completely blown back, completely blown back, and after that I was an emotional ball because I just. The so shocked that I didn’t think that was going to happen that soon,
but I am so happy that it did so I can spend my forever with the man that I love.”

“It was great, you know, and I’m happy I got of my best friend.” Jonathan says he so appreciates the hospital staff while he was being treated and for his wedding day, saying that
they are now a part of his family and he’ll never forget what they did for him.

The couple also has a young son who will turn to soon, and he said that he cannot wait to one day tell him that they did get married at a hospital.


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