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Civic Service Report

Farm owner, Mitch Miller, died unexpectedly at the age of 27, his Bismarck family, friends and neighbors, calling him the best farmer in that part of the state and say that he would appreciate their efforts. Jody Kirtzman reports in this week’s Civic Service Report.

This isn’t what Ben Laufer planned to be doing this week. He is combining his cousin, Mitch Miller’s core.

“We’d always help each other out.”

Mitch was also his best friend.

“About three days older than me ever since I can remember. It’s just kind of been in me and him.”

Two months ago, Mitch passed away unexpectedly. “It was just not how you expected life to turn out, I guess.” He was 27. “I’d rather been farming by a side than cutting this crop for him without him.”

Ben’s combine is one of a dozen working to get Mitchell’s corn off the field. He would appreciate it in just two days. Friends cut all 2000 acres of Mitchell’s corn. It took twelve combines five green cards in more than 30 trucks.

Mitch, his friends, say they feel his presence. “He’s probably, probably the best farmer in. In this part of the state, he knew what he was doing. So, yeah, when I’m not doing something right, I’m sure I’m sure he’s chewing me out upstairs.”

“I know we’re messing up something, but he’d be just smiling.” And they know if Mitch were here, he’d be the first to hop on a combine and help you. “He’d have helped anybody in need.” His family just never thought they’d be the ones in need.

“This only happens to other people. The other people, we just can’t express our appreciation enough. It’s very overwhelming, just the great support in the community, and that people will do what they’ve got to do to make sure everybody’s taking care of”

A community, still mourning the loss of one of their own but a community filled with friends, family and neighbors who are moving forward together and stronger than ever before.

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