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Civic Service Report – 6/24

When it comes to helping out the Community, the Environment is something that often gets left out. But a Group in State College is starting to change that narrative. They’ve starting working on a Project at a Local Park and in this week’s Civic Service Report, they believe it will have an impact for generations to come.

Several Volunteers with the State College Borough started working on the East Fairmount Park a couple of weeks ago. They’re installing new plants and enhancing several other features, hoping to create something special.

Along with the new plants will be a playground and a hiking trail. Something those of all ages can enjoy. They are also planting several native species of plants to give a better feeling of home, including some interactive ones that some Residents will experience for the first time. Alan Sam saying: “A lot of them have edible fruit. We are going to plant blackberries so kids can go and pick blackberries. I don’t think they get to do that much anymore so that’s a way of getting that out. We’re also improving the habitat with butterflies, bees, and pollinators.”

This Project is a part of the Environmental Justice Movement. Getting Communities active in activities that could benefit them in the long run. Jasmine Fields adding: “Those all impact your electricity bill, help to provide shade for people that are playing out side. The asphalt gets hot, so having a place that’s cooler for people to access as well. We have food resources so some of these places can be used for community gardening.”

Several Volunteers showed up to the Centre County Park to help out. A sign that everyone cares not only about their neighbors, but for the Environment as well. Alan Sam saying: “We have people of all ages here to help. Even the young kids that are here, seeing them plant some of the trees and shrubs and seeing them grow as they grow is really important.”

The Funding for this Project came from 4 different Grants and they hope to be finished within a month.

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