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Civic Service Report

According to a 2020 USDA report 35 million us households including 10 million children struggle every day from not having enough food.

After hearing that statistic one of the founders of Ace Fix It Hardware Stores decided he wanted to help.

Our Jess Plue checks out the 10 Million Hearts Campaign in this week’s Civic Service Report.

“Food is a basic necessity for everybody. So we thought the hardware industry is a necessity in a neighborhood so we thought likewise, food is a necessity. Something people cannot do without.”

Charles Bickel came up with the 10 Million Hearts Campaign in an effort to help reduce food insecurity.

Through various incentives and store promotions 100% of the money raised in their 10 Million Hearts Campaign will go back into each store’s local food bank and local backpack program.

“One of the great things I discovered, is they’re telling me that a $10 donation, they can use that and buy almost $70 worth of food.”

Their most recent promotion was their bucket event where a customer would start by selecting one of their special 5 gallon buckets

“And they shop throughout the store, and have the ability to save up to 20% on products they can fit, or almost fit into the bucket. Then at checkout, a $10 donation would be added to their total and they get to keep the bucket.”

At this time, there are about 23 agencies benefiting from the 10 Million Hearts Campaign.

There are multiple other promotions still in the works including round up your total events on select weekends, the selling of a grilling cookbook, and bag and bucket events.

That was Jess Plue reporting.

Bickel says as long as there’s food stress their ace fix it hardware stores will stay committed to the 10 Million Hearts Campaign.

And if you have a story of a person, group or organization doing good things to help out your community let us know and we’ll showcase them herer in our Civic Service Report.

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