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Civic Service Report

Ever since his arrival in the Steel City Vance McDonald has been active. He’s helped out with the Pittsburgh Convoy of Hope. Earning his the team’s nomination for the Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award.

“Its an amazing amazing feeling. They always say that giving is way better than receiving on Christmas. Its the same thing for community service and outreach with the work that we do and having the privilege to do it in the NFL.”

McDonald has decided to retire from the NFL and start his own foundation, the Hidden Farm Retreat. A place that will be used for faith based leaders.

“I feel like I’ve had months and months to expound on the decision to have the confirmation of making it. I wake up and I see the farm and I see all the potential that we can do. Its confirmation every single day and its made the decision easier.”

Over in Philadelphia, Rodney Mcleod has also been busy with his game changers foundation that works with local schools and communities. Also earning him his team’s man of the year nominee.

“I was excited to get the news. I was very surprised and it was a good feeling. For the team to select me and represent the team in the right way because of the work that I’ve done during my team here in Philadelphia. It was rewarding and I’m thankful.”

Mcleod has been involved with the city since day one. Seeing a lot of work already been done with inner city kids.

“When you think of Game changers, you think of someone who is a difference maker and that’s who were are trying to identify. Those individuals who particularly want to see change within their community or maybe they just have an idea. We’re there to help them manifest that idea and bring it to life.”

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