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Civic Service Report – July 22nd

When it comes to Addiction, its not just the individual that suffers, but everyone around them — especially the Family. A local group has come together to write a book that highlights those struggles and also offers some healing in the midst of tremendous pain. Here’s this week’s Civic Service Report.

Messengers Supporting Recovery has been a prominent part of the community. Now, they have written a book that can help those who are struggling with addiction, and their loves ones as well. Patty Green saying: “This is all about healing. Its about reducing the stigma and about our children’s voices being heard. Because these are their voices.”

The book is titled Ripples. It has several stories about the pain of addiction from those who suffered and those who witnessed like Andrea Clay, who lost her son Derek. Clay adding: “It affects so much. Not just the choice you’re making, but the people that love you. It hurts more than anybody can know.”

The Authors are those who went through the struggle like Mary Levanduski, who lost her son Matthew after long battle that ended in 2018. And she wants others to learn from their stories. Levanduski saying: “For me right now, its writing a chapter in this book. Hoping to help someone else so they don’t have to go down the path that my husband, and I, and my daughter went down. Its a very hard path to go.”

It also highlights the tales of Deanna Brooks who lost one daughter, and has another who is currently in Rehab. Her journey in the book shows the many facets that addiction can bring. Brooks adding: “When you have a 22 or 23 year old say “please pray for me Mommy, I don’t want this.” My daughter wanted help. We went through the system. We went through everything in 2014. Elk County, the resources, we have to go. There’s no help here. There’s no rehab here in that sense. My daughter right now is in a rehab facility far away.”

The main thing all the Authors was to showcase is that their Children started off normal, but took a bad turn. And they want everyone to keep an open heart and mind. Levanduski adding: “I want the everyday person to know to not close their eyes and not to feel safe. This can happen to to you. It happened to me and I had no clue.”

Currently, the book is on sale at several Elk County locations and It has already sold over 1300 copies with all the proceeds coming back to the Community. If you have a great story of Civic Service in your Community, be sure to reach out to us at

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