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Civic Service Report – The Skirted Solider

After discharging from the military and transitioning to civilian life, a Local Veteran wanted to do something for others who may be facing the same challenges she did. Her solution? Tea. We’ll explain the efforts of the Skirted Soldier in this week’s Civic Service Report.

Skirted Soldier is a female veteran owned operation specializing in hand blended tea. It started in March of 2018 as a way to give back to fellow female veterans. For the past several years, Rhonda Smith — the Founder of Skirted Solder — has been using her tea sales to help other female vets. Smith adding: “So every sale we make, we take 10% out of every sale and offer this in Grants through the PA Veteran Farmer Project, where advisory board members of the project look for female veterans in the Commonwealth that are involved in some type of Agro business.”

Last year, Skirted Soldier awarded 2 Grants worth $1,000 and Smith says she hopes to double that this year. Smith admits, her transition into civilian life was a bit of a challenge. Smith saying: “When I discharged from the service, it was apparent that one of these things are not like the other. And, it’s me. I quickly realized that many other female veterans were in the same position. It is a tough transition to make to civilian life. I had many wonderful opportunities in the service but getting out of the service was quite a transition and a challenge.”

Even though she transitioned to civilian life, her passion toward those serving is still present as she sends out monthly care packages, which can also be purchased on the Skirted Soldier website. In the future, Smith says she has hopes to expand her current operation and efforts.

If you have a Story of a Person, Group or Organization doing good things to help out your Community, let us know and we’ll showcase them here in our Civic Service Report.

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