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Civic Service Report – Victory Therapeutic Horsemanship

The Pandemic has impacted many programs and events, cancelling most. One Organization has been able to safely keep going, bringing Equine Therapy to Veterans. In this week’s Civic Service Report we take a look at what “Victory Therapeutic Horsemanship” is all about and what you need to know about their upcoming Veteran Outreach event.

Victory Therapeutic Horsemanship is a non-profit organization in Bellwood that aims to help Veterans overcome their service-connected disabilities such as PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and cope with physical injuries through Equine Therapy. John Zanella, the Organization’s Founder, says this Sunday they will have a Veteran Outreach event. Zanella saying: “It’s just another opportunity for veterans to come and see us face to face. It’s the first step in the process if anyone is interested in any of our programs, fill out an initial application and learn more about what we offer.”

For any Veterans asking if they need to have a prior history working with horses, Zanella says: “Absolutely not. It’s almost better to come in with a clean slate, not having any bad habits or skills. We teach them everything they need to know from the start.” The Organization’s programs are open to any Adult Veteran at no cost to them. Their upcoming Veteran Outreach event will be this Sunday at the Northern Blair County Rec Center from 1pm – 4pm. No pre-registration is required, but the event is for Veterans only.

If you’re interested in this weekend’s event, or would like to get involved with the Organization, you can visit Victory Therapeutic Horsemanship’s Facebook page.

If you have a story about a person, group or organization helping others in your community, let us know and we can showcase them here in our Civic Service Report.

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