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Civic Service Report

Helping others is a great lesson that anyone can learn at any age. At Curwensville High School they’re learning that by using their resources. They started a program that’s helping their students with any need they have.

And in this week’s Civic Service Report, the local community has their backs as well.

Curwensville High School was looking for ways to get involved in their community. At a conference, they drew inspiration from other area schools and created The Comfort Closet.

“Student Council has gone to a variety of conferences with other schools throughout the last 3 or so years and people were talking about their schools doing this or something similar to it.”

They started off by collecting hygiene items, but it quickly blossem’d from there.

“We had a Facebook post sort of go viral for our school. I bet within the next 2 weeks we got boxes and bags from our community.”

When it comes to who can get something from the closet, its open to anyone.

“We started this for kids in need and it kind of transformed. Even if students want something and just want to fulfill one of those needs they can get that taken care of.”

With the donations coming in at a steady pace from local residents and business, it shows how much the town has stepped up.

“It really shows that there is a community that cares about the students. Being such a small school, everyone knows everyone and they have a good relationship. Its really nice to see this all happening.”

The size of the room might be small, but there’s is a lot that is going on inside the comfort closet.

“You pick up a friend and come to the comfort closet or you meet a friend in the comfort closet. There is so much more that meets the eye when it comes to little projects like this.”

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