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Civic ServiceReport

“In the middle I let them out. Then I stop this traffic and I stop this then let the school traffic out.”

At the young age of 94, just 6 years short of a century.

“Everybody listens to you? They listen. Nobody pushing you around because you’re 94? No.”

Miss Estella Williams starts everyday right here in the middle of the 28 bypass just outside of Westside High School.

“Its good, I enjoy doing it.”

At the reins of controlling people at the wheel, this all started as a temporary gig.

“My son-in-law is a policeman here and he needed somebody and he asked me to help him for a few days.”

That few days was 24 years ago. She’s been stop sign in hand ever since.

“I don’t let nobody stay to long. I try to keep it going.”

No signs of slowing down.

“Its easy, just stop the cars and tell the children to come on.”

No signs of aging.

“Keep the kids safe and the people.”

She’s not planning on leaving that center lane anytime soon.

“I’ve got another year or so. Just treat everyone right. That’s my moto.”

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