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Clearfield Business Grants

As businesses adjust to the new COVID-19 restrictions handed down from the State, one County is finding ways to help them adjust. Clearfield County is awarding $300,000 in Emergency Assistance Grants to help local businesses during this time.

Starting on Monday, Local Businesses can apply for a $3,000 Grant from Clearfield County to help keep the lights on. The Commissioners say the County will offer up to 100 grants and they’ll be awarded on a first come first serve basis. They hope it’ll ease the burden of these new restrictions. Businesses like restaurants, bars, gyms and any indoor recreation business are eligible to apply on the online portal. The Commissioners say they’ll be asked to provide proof of recent operations along with rental receipts or utility bills. For restaurants, they’ll only be asked to provide a copy of the State’s Health Certificate. Compared to previous Cares Act Grants the County handed out, the Commissioners say this is designed to help all businesses impacted by the shutdown.

Businesses have until next Monday to apply for an Emergency Assistance Grant.

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