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Clearfield Businesses and COVID-19

Local businesses are working to keep their doors open while balancing the struggles brought down by COVID-19. Here is how Business Owners in Clearfield County are coping with these struggles. While COVID-19 has brought it’s challenges, Business Owners we spoke with say they’ve had to adjust, but things are slowly returning back to normal.

Chelsey and Brandon Foradori opened Better Bargains LLC in DuBois right before Christmas. A family run operation, they sell major retail items at a discounted price, from new clothes and shoes to furniture. Despite COVID-19, Brandon Foradori says they’ve received a lot of support. He says the community has been a huge help with sales and some even volunteer their time to help with the store.

Kurt Johnson Auto Sales is another business to see the impacts of COVID-19. After closing his business down for nearly 48 days, Kurt Johnson says they had to make adjustments. The Owner Kurt Johnson Auto Sales adding: “The demand was there people needed cars, for us it was a matter of getting used to buying cars online which has been an advantage to us once we made that hurdle.” Since the New Year, Johnson says his sales are pretty much back to normal.

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