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Clearfield Co. Inmate Costs

Clearfield County signed a contract with the County Commissioner’s Association of PA’s Prison Inmate Medical Cost containment service in an effort to lower the cost of inmates’ medical bills.

“I have to give the warden some credit on this, he was not satisfied with some of the bills we were seeing particularly one very large bill,” said Dave Glass, Clearfield County Commissioner.

This contract comes after an inmate at the Clearfield County Jail was taken to a hospital in Altoona for an unexpected medical procedure.

Glass said this medical bill could have cost the county $50,000 but thanks to this contract, the county saved $30,000.

“The folks from the county commissioners association who are skilled at that, they’re the ones who review the bills at cost of the client and….negotiating a settlement that’s fair and satisfactory for everyone,” said John Sobel, Clearfield County Commissioner.

This service costs $17-$19 for each bill review.

With an incarcerated population with various medical conditions, the commissioners said this is a big saver for the tax payers.

“Ultimately it would be paid for out of tax dollars but the end result is that the amount of tax dollars spent on bills as a result of the review is still significantly less,” said Sobel.

County Commissioner Tony Scotto said, “We do have a lot of our incarcerated populations they do come in with certain conditions and this will help alleviate when they go out of our network or anything of that instance.”

The commissioners said they’ll only use this service for inmates receiving medical treatment at hospital out of their network.

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