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Clearfield County Budget

According to Lisa Kovalick, the Director of the Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority, $6.4 million in state and federal funding is going to the human services fund.

Nearly $180,000 is coming from the county.

The Human services fund covers multiple sectors including mental health services which is allotted $4 million.

“Mental health is a jointer, it serves both Clearfield and Jefferson county. So with that money they’ll look to serve a lot of people both in Clearfield and Jefferson County,”

With this money, Kovalick said they’ll help 3,760 people with mental health services.

Another sector of this fund is homeless assistance services which is allocated $57,000.

“In Clearfield County, Community Action Agency, that agency has a tremendous amount of money to assist people as far back as March of 2021 with housing and they can assist them for up to 12 months,” she said.

$1.8 million is being allocated to those with intellectual disabilities and $470,000 is going towards substance abuse disorder services.

With funding being cut by 40% years ago, Kovalick is hoping they’ll make a lasting impact on the community.

“We set aside some money to do a needs assessment of the human services. That hasn’t been done in probably 8-10 years so we’re really just looking to dig in and see where needs are,” she said.

Kovalick hopes people will come forward to receive the help that they need.

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