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Clearfield County Cyber Attack Update

January’s cyber attack in Clearfield County knocked down the county’s system for 7-10 days.

“There was some level of a data breach that had limited impact on a number of employees,” said Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass.

To prevent this from happening again the county approved of three software programs.

One of those programs is called Duo Access.

“One is a verification to make sure that our employees are verifying their identity,” said Commissioner Tony Scotto.

The county also approved of Ninja RMM which is a remote software update system.

Arguably the most impactful of them all, the county installed Nessus, a penetrating test threat analysis system.

“It won’t cost us a thing immediately because it looks like we’re going to be able to pay for it with American rescue money,” said Commissioner John Sobel.

After the American rescue funds are spent, the commissioners said these programs will cost roughly $25-30,000 a year.

A cost they said is necessary considering the money they spent to recover from January’s cyber attack.

“We don’t spend that lightly and I can tell you between actual costs to repair the system and man hours spent and productivity lost we spent many many times that on the last attack,”

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