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Clearfield County Cyber Attack

On Saturday, the Clearfield County commissioners say their IT department noticed the effects of the cyberattack.

“Adam noticed Saturday the effects of it and then doing his research discovered that there had been changes made to his admin account on Thursday,” said Dave Glass, Clearfield County Commissioner.

Since the attack, the commissioners said they’ve been working with nationally recognized cybersecurity consultants to investigate.

At this time, they said there is no evidence that the county’s information has been compromised.

“It got all of our servers and it got about 15% of our work stations, the laptops and desktops that people use,” said Glass.

County Commissioner John Sobel said all of the county’s essential services are running as normal including their 911 operations.

Around this time last year, the city of DuBois was hit with a cyberattack But the commissioners don’t think they’re connected.

“Well obviously we’re going to review everything about our cybersecurity, we’re going to implement tighter measures, we’re going to train our personnel. We don’t think our personnel did this but just to be safe,” said Glass.

The commissioners said they expect the county’s systems to be up and running by tomorrow or even later on today.

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