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Clearfield County Election Day

Election officials started their election day off at 5:00 this morning fielding calls and helping poll workers.

When the polls opened at 7, officials say they were busy nonstop with voters asking about mail in and absentee ballots.

Clearfield County Commissioner Tony Scotto says they had a heavy voter turnout with no issues across the county.

But as Governor Wolf said earlier this evening, Scotto is stressing Pennsylvanians to be patient as they count each vote accurately.

County Commissioner Dave Glass says they expect to have all of the votes tallied by tomorrow with a sizeable percentage of the votes online tonight.

Amid the country divide on this election, many cities including New York and Pittsburgh have boarded up businesses in fear of civil unrest.

But Clearfield County commissioners don’t expect to see that here.

“We’re really not worried about any civil unrest, in fact the only thing we had to call the sheriffs deputies out for is to help with traffic control. We believe very strongly that folks here in
Clearfield County will accept the results whether their candidate wins or looses”

Officials say they hope to count all of the ballots by 6pm Tomorrow.

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