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Clearfield County Fair Returns

With many Annual Events returning back this year, that also includes County Fairs. We were at the Clearfield County Fair on Sunday to see how things are looking this year. The Clearfield County Fair made it’s long-awaited return on Sunday after having to cancel in 2020. The full complement of rides, food and fun ware back at the Clearfield County Fair.

The President of the Fair David Franson says they’re excited to come back after a period of tough times. Franson saying: “We’re so happy to be back and be able to put the fair on again this year, it was a rough year for everybody, especially in the community, and we’re just glad to be back and be able to provide something fun for the community.”

Last year was not a total loss, they managed to have a small event in its place, but it wasn’t nearly the same. Franson adding: “We were able to have a small food court where people would just come over and just were able to support some local vendors. We had about 15 to 20 vendors here, but it was nothing like the fair.”

Franson hopes that with a good forecast in store, their yearly tradition can make up for lost time. Franson saying: “Our weather looks really good this week and I expect a great turnout and I think that people are just ready to get out and do something. They’re excited to be able to support the fair and come out in the community, so we’re excited.”

The Fair will run through August 7th.

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