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Clearfield County Grant Money

Through the state’s COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program, Clearfield County was awarded $897,671 in assistance for local hotels and restaurants.

The county is working with the North Central PA Regional Planning and Development Commission to give out this money.

“We’re to give priority to businesses that qualify that have not received any state or federal or county assistance up to now. That doesn’t mean their excluded just means they go to the bottom of the pile,” said John Sobel, Clearfield County Commissioner.

Some qualifications include businesses to provide a certain NIC number and to show a 50% loss in revenue for last year.

Local business owners I spoke with said this is a relief given the burden of COVID-19.

“Our products that we have to get sometimes aren’t available or the price fluctuates on them so that’s really been one of the impacts that you have no control over,” said Jonathan Weber, Owner of Napoli’s Restaurant & Pizzeria.

Jonathan Weber said they received a PPP loan at the beginning of COVID-19 but to receive more help from the county would be a blessing.

“If it fits the criteria what we need and it makes sense then we would definitely look into it,” he said.

Station 101 in DuBois is another restaurant impacted by COVID-19.

“We can only seat 50% so it’s been a struggle to get a lot of people in here,” said Rhonda Burton, Owner/General Manager of Station 101.

While they’ve added outdoor dining to their services, Rhonda Burton said this money means a great deal to the community.

“It’s great, I think there’s a lot of small businesses around our county that could really benefit from that help,” she said.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, the commissioners said the application will be up on the county’s website on March 15th.

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