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Clearfield County Hotel Tax Raised

According to the Clearfield County Commissioners, the newly adopted hotel tax will increase from 3% to 5%.

“We did a little bit of research and discovered that all of the counties had increased their hotel tax to 5%,” said John Sobel, Clearfield County Commissioner.

Sobel said this adopted tax will go into effect October 1st and it’ll be paid directly by the consumer who rents a hotel room.

“We did delay it to October because our hoteliers need some time to administratively set themselves up to collect the tax and we also want to make sure they have a little bit of prep time also,”

With the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority being fully funded by this tax, the commissioners said last year was tough for them.

“Last year with COVID their revenues just dropped off dramatically and so they had to cancel the grant program,” said Dave Glass, Clearfield County Commissioner.

The commissioners hope this will boost tourism throughout the county and provide some sort of relief for the hospitality industry.

“I have to admit there has been some concern expressed to us also by at least one other hotelier but what we’re hearing from other counties at least is that it has been working,”

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