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Clearfield County Landfill Update

After filing an appeal last February against the permit issued by the DEP to build the Camp Hope Run Landfill in Boggs Township, the Clearfield County commissioners said the hearing board granted their motion of summary of judgement.

County Commissioner John Sobel said the hearing board agreed with the objections brought forth by the commissioners and ordered that the permit issued to build the landfill be vacated back to the DEP for evaluation.

“The application for the permit never stated the origin of the solid waste in other words where within PA and where in other parts of the country possibly the solid waste was coming to the landfill from,” said Sobel.

Sobel also said the application did not state what type of waste would be coming into the landfill and an analysis on why Boggs Township would be a suitable site for this landfill.

A year long fight for the commissioners, Sobel called this a win for the county.

“Summary judgement motions are usually not granted. That means that after review of all of the facts, there was no facts in dispute such that the environmental hearing board was uncomfortable in feeling that as a matter of law Clearfield County wasn’t entitled to win their appeal,” he said.

County Commissioner Dave Glass said this is a win for the residents of the county who have been vocal against this landfill since 2006.

Both commissioners hope that this is the beginning of the end for this landfill.

“PA Waste/The Department of Environmental Protection may choose to appeal the decision of the environmental hearing board. We hope they do not but we are prepared to fight against the same,” said Sobel.

The commissioners also thanked former and current council members who worked to stop the development of this landfill.

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