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Clearfield County Rehab Money

Just this week, the Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority announced that they’re giving out $286,000 in housing rehab grants to county homeowners.

This housing rehab grant program is funded by the US Department of Housing.

“It’s a program that’ll help seniors and it’ll help families that are behind in taking care of their homes kind of a blight prevention program,” said Lisa Kovalick, Executive Director of the Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority.

In order to be eligible for this funding you have to own the house and live in it.

You also have to meet 80% of the low-moderate income requirement.

“Instead of the value of the homes around a blighted property going down we’re going to be able to keep them at the same, we’re hopefully see them rise,” said Kovalick.

With $286,000 Kovalick said they’ll give out grants of $85,000, “It doesn’t sound like a lot because we have over 30 on the waiting list but right now we’re a very small office and we’re doing the best we can.”

For more information on how you can apply for this funding, call the Clearfield County Redevelopment Authority at (814) 765-5149.

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