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Clearfield County Short on 911 Workers

With a labor shortage touching nearly all sectors of the economy there are not enough 911 workers in Clearfield County.

The Clearfield County Commissioners discussed the issue of paying them more and the public chimed in.

Douglas Braff was in Clearfield attended the meeting and shares with us the public’s thoughts on the matter.

Some tensions arose at the commissioners meeting over the payment of 911 dispatchers, amid a staffing shortage. No measures were voted on.

Some attendees say they need to be paid more, mentioning the loss of 911 workers to other counties with more favorable benefits. They argue that not paying dispatchers more ultimately makes the community less safe.

“You’re losing all your qualified dispatchers and they’re going to different dispatch centers in different counties because they’re paying more. You need to reclassify them so they’re not

“We have some amazing people at the 911 center. However, over my last twenty years I’ve seen them dwindle, and I’m a firm believer because they’re not making the money they’re worth. In all honesty, I would not get out of bed for what they make.”

And just a few weeks ago those who worked at the Centre County’s 911 call center and the county prison saw higher minimum pay.

Today county administrators say its made a difference in filling job positions at two places where finding new hires can be difficult.

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