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Clearfield Countys Cyber Attack Update

Since the close of the cyber attack investigation, Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass said they should be receiving a report on it soon.

“The investigation is pretty well concluded. I know we have an insurance company hired to complete the forensic analysis, I believe their report is going to be out this week,” said Glass.

With a background in computer science and a current software engineering grad school student, Glass has been at the forefront of this since the beginning.

“When I realized how much we don’t know perhaps as a county and some of the things that we just haven’t given much thought to it made sense to have a professional service come in,”

Clearfield County hired Appalachia Tech to do an extensive review on all of the county’s systems.

Glass said they’re going to provide recommendations on how they can improve certain aspects of their security.

“No system can be made full proof…You can have a very strong defense but if your users do things they shouldn’t and a click on things they shouldn’t then that’s how things can get into your system,” he said.

Glass said another big part of the recovery process, is training employees on safe computer practices.

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