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Closing Arguments in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Monday saw the Closing Arguments in the Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, the Teenager Charged with Killing Two People and Injuring another during the August 2020 protests that followed the Police Shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

Two Weeks in a Kenosha County Court House and it all comes down to this. In Closing Arguments, Prosecutors say Kyle Rittenhouse killed two unarmed people and severely wounded another with an AR style weapon they say Kyle knew he couldn’t have. The 17-year-old’s Attorneys say that Rittenhouse fired the shots to protect himself.

Also on Monday, the Judge in the case dismissed the misdemeanor weapons charge against Kyle. As for the other charges against him, Jurors will first consider each original offense, and can consider lesser charges if they do not find him innocent of the first based on Self Defense.

Last Week, Rittenhouse testified he acted in Self Defense. He has pleaded Not Guilty to all charges. If convicted of the most serious charge against him, he faces a mandatory sentence of Life in Prison.

500 Wisconsin National Guard Soldiers are on standby and prepared to deploy in Kenosha in order to support local Law Enforcement and First Responders. The Troops will stage outside of Kenosha and will only respond if they are requested by local Law Enforcement agencies.

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