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Coalport Borough

Coalport Borough officials said they were at risk of losing over $20,000 from the state due to years of improper audits. But that all changed when a woman stepped in to help the borough.

Paul Zupich was recently appointed as president of the Coalport Borough Council after having a short tenure as president in 2018.

Since 2018, Zupich said the borough has hired unqualified bookkeepers leading the borough to serious financial troubles.

The issues led to his resignation but after a brief return, he noticed the same problems.

Zupich said the borough is awarded $28,000 from the state in liquid fuels each year and were told in April that they were being denied those funds due to improper audits in previous years.

But in an act of grace, Zupich said Coalport resident Kathryn Mckusker stepped in to help the borough.

The 78-year-old clocked in several hours to help the borough fix two years worth of tax reports.

The fix is allowing the borough to receive nearly 100-thousand dollars in liquid fuels.

While this is a big step for them, Zupich said the borough still has unresolved issues with the IRS and other state audits that need to be resolved.

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