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Coalport Fire Services in Limbo

The decision for one Borough in Clearfield County to terminate their contract with a local Fire Department is still in question after receiving nearly $100,000 from the State. Coalport Borough received $94,000 from the State after fixing years worth of tax forms, but Officials say this money can’t be used towards their contract with the Glendale Volunteer Fire Company.

In a Council Meeting a few weeks ago, Coalport Borough decided to table the decision to terminate their contract with the Glendale Volunteer Fire Company for the Summer. The Borough pays them $3,500 annually for their services. But after receiving $94,000 from the State in liquid fuels, Paul Zupich, Coalport Borough Council President, says this money cannot be used for the Fire Department. He says this money can only be used to pave the roads.

Moving forward, Zupich says they’ll eventually work out an agreement with the Glendale Fire Company, but it has to make sense for the Borough. Zupich adding: “19% of their calls are in Coalport Borough, 80% are elsewhere and in the past we paid dollar for dollar what the other people and all the calls were elsewhere, to me that’s not logical. I want some type of formula.”

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