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Coalport Saved by Act of Service

Now to a Story we’ve been following out of Clearfield County as one Borough facing several financial issues was at risk of losing thousands of dollars from the State. Fortunately, they found themselves receiving more than they expected after an act of service from one woman.

Coalport Borough, who was once at stake of losing $26,000 from the State, received nearly $100,000 in funds thanks to 78-year-old Kathryne McCusker. Coalport Borough Council President Paul Zupich says they had until June 25th to meet outstanding requirements from the State in order to receive $26,000 in liquid fuels. Those requirements consisted of submission of forms and correcting previous audits.

Zupich first thought the Borough wouldn’t be able to meet this deadline, but thanks to Kathryn McCusker, a Tax Agent out of Carlisle Pennsylvania, they received more than expected. After fixing payroll reports for previous years through the State, McCusker says Coalport received $94,000 in liquid fuels. McCusker says she clocked in several hours to get this done but it was well worth it.

McCusker saying: “I was very happy to it, because they have dealt with some bad situations in the past for a few years and it’s time for them to get themselves straight and above water and I just hope that they can.”

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