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Colts / Bills Highlights

Now off to the main event from Today. AFC wild card game between the Colts and Bills

In the 1st Josh Allen deep ball down the middle to Stephon Diggs. These two teammates are trouble

Same drive for the Bills Allen meant to keep it and run it in. But with pressure coming from the Colts Allen pushes it out to Dawson Knox who’s all alone in the end zone

In the second. Indy Jonthan Taylor jumps into the endzone to easy Colts lead

Before the half. Buffalo marched the ball down the filed and Allen marched into the end zone for 6

In the 4th. Bills lead by one touchdown 35 yard pass to Diggs 128 yard 1 touchdown on just 6 receptions

Colts next drive they answered back Philip Rivers to Zach Pascal. They miss the 2 point conversion

Indy now down 11. Next drive Rivers airs it out to Jack Doyle who had a big game this afternoon they go for two and get it with Doyle this time and now its a 3 point game

Josh Allen fumbles and puts the Bills in a hard spot so Indy gets the football back with a little over 2 to go. Everyone’s talking about this play. Pascal makes the catch. Untouched gets up. Across the league people were calling this a fumble. Ruling on the field was down by contact, it stood.

But the Colts ran out of time and the Bills advance to the divisional round

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