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Community Conferencing

The divide in opinions nationwide continues to draw plenty of attention with growing questions about how best to resolve or at least defuse them.

Thats one of the reasons an organization in Centre County is soon beginning a program thats been successful elsewhere in bringing people together.

This soon to be introduced initiative here is termed Community Conferencing. Its exactly what it sounds like if we have a dispute before it gets too heated, can we simply sit down with a third party and try to work things out
no doubt about it these are stressful times for many and more cases of stress leading to conflict.

Thats why backers of the Community Conferencing program say it allows parties involved in conflicts, to have an opportunity to have their disputes resolved in a unique setting

“We want everyone who comes in to feel welcome,were going to have a neutral facilitators theres no bias there so everyone feels welcome”

Community Conferencing can be used in various way its even hoped it can reduce the return rate for those who are jailed

“So what this does,for those incarcerated will allow them to meet those who can help when they get out and have those conversation so they can build and rebuild those support networks”

And the program is not limited to court related cases

“This can be for neighborhood disputes too”

One of the key element is the facility adopts here in Centre County for people who may be able to fit those roles is expected to begin next month.

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