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Conemaugh Twp. Ukraine Zoom Meeting

And in Cambria County students at Conemaugh Township School District took part in a unique learning experience

A live Zoom meeting was set up with someone from Ukraine and has family living through the conflict.

Students this Morning had the incredible opportunity to speak directly with and ask questions to someone who grew up in Ukraine and has family members living through the current situation there. All of this was thanks to one of their teachers.

Jenny Custer, a Social Studies teacher at Conemaugh Township, met Oksana when they attended graduate school and graduated from IUP together in 2017. They have always kept in touch, but when the tensions were mounting in Ukraine, Custer couldn’t stop thinking about her friend which led to this opportunity for the students.

“When the actual invasion occurred, I reached out again and was sharing with her what students were saying to me and she offered to have this opportunity to talk with them and what person wouldn’t want to jump on that to allow their students to experience that”

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