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Congressman Thompson Talks About Riots

Congressman Thompson talking to us Today about the January 6th capitol riot, where he was in the capitol, and the aftermath when he took to the house floor to speak out about the electoral college vote

Congressman Thompson terms the storming of the capitol building a stain on our nation’s history

“I’ll tell ya January 6th was a horrible day, there is no excuse for the violence, the lawlessness, the injuries that I witnessed,I was in the capitol,and then we had to leave,but Cannon was already closed,so I had to seek shelter elsewhere”

Cannon is the Cannon legislative office building just south of the capitol. Thompson has also been heavily involved in the November election opposition. He was a co-defendant with President Trump in one federal lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s voting results but denies supporting the president’s false narrative about election fraud.

“I feel strongly about this, what our governor did upheld by his executive branch,and the members of the supreme court, the unconstitutional measures,its not election fraud,its election abuse”

In response to members of State College borough council calling for Thompson’s resignation he says

“I don’t represent State College, or the Borough of State College, they need to contact their member of congress”

When asked about the future of the Republican party, Thompson says the coming days will be challenging, but he feels the party is quite strong.

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