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Cookies with a Cop Event

Law Enforcement Officials in Bedford County are working to build rapport with children and families in their community. Sunday morning, we visited an event they held to form those positive bonds.

Police Officers in Bedford County hosted their “Cookies with a Cop” event dedicated to building positive relationships in their community. Sunday morning, 9-year-old Raymond Koontz of Bedford decorated cookies to look like Police Officers, cars, and badges.

He decorated with Bedford County Sheriff Wayne Emerick right by his side. Emerick saying: “We try to build a real rapport with them, because as they grow and mature, they can grow up and trust Police and we’re there for the public.” This was during the “Cookies with a Cop” event hosted by the Bedford County “Shop with a Cop” Organization.

Organizers say it’s for the Children of Bedford County to improve their relationship with local Law Enforcement. Officers from the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, Bedford Borough Police, and State Police were there, even letting the kids go inside their Police Cars.

Altoona First Savings Bank and the Bedford Elks Country Club made donations for the event to help build these positive relationships for future generations.

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