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Core Spaces State College

Since late 2019 the Chicago based Core Spaces group took control of Alexander Court, Beaver Hill, Cedarbrook, Garner Court and the Diplomat before adding Park Hill to the list.

I’m told that they have plans to renovate those buildings in the near future for more space and newer looks as well.

However, they are not done here, as a borough official confirmed Core Spaces plans to build a twelve story monster with commercial space on the corner of College Avenue and Hetzel Street.

“It’s always nice to see brand new development, increased commercial spaces, and especially as we hopefully return to normal post this pandemic. Our community continues to grow and foster a vibrancy but also, you know, hopefully we’re able to still capture that tradition and the essence of what people love about the community as well.”

Shontz added that he is not sure when construction on the high rise will begin, and Core Spaces has not yet responded to inquiry.

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