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Could PSU Become a Vaccination Center

The university has not been named a distribution site for COVID-19 vaccines yet.

But it has taken steps to prepare, if services are needed. Since the announcement university officials say they have talked to PEMA to further explore the idea of a site.

“This is something that whenever Penn State brought to the table, we were obviously very excited about because it just provides an avenue to safely and provide mass vaccinations whenever we need that stage.”

The university says it’s preparation in addition to purchasing freezers to store doses includes administering doses to eligible patients, identifying employees who are eligible, prepping University Health Services, technology support like patient registration, location planning, and vaccination status tracking for the community.

“We’re really excited and enthusiastic first of all about the availability of vaccines I think there is a lot of energy behind a lot of our community to get vaccinated.

The potential of a mass vaccination site gives local businesses hope for Happy people to travel back to Happy Valley.

“There’s a lot of reasons to come to Happy Valley and to come to State College and patronize our businesses and so, something like this hopefully were able to get as many people vaccinated a possible so that we can open up and welcome people back.”

Currently, we are still in phase 1A of the state’s distribution plan. According to the state, education workers who are in contact with students would be eligible in phase 1b, including faculty and staff.

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