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County Vaccine Tracking

As of today Centre County is leading our viewing area with the most vaccinations, that’s according to the Department of Health, but how is the state recording this data?

According to the DOH’s dashboard, the top three counties in our viewing area with the most resident vaccinations are.:

Centre County with 41,091 residents vaccinated
Cambria County with over 31,000 residents vaccinated
Blair County with 24,376 residents vaccinated

The DOH said this data represents the individuals by their county of residence regardless of where they received the vaccine.

For example, if someone received the vaccine in Centre County but they live in Blair County, that data would be attributed to their place of residence, Blair County.

So how do we really know how many vaccines each county has administered?

In response to that puzzling question, the DOH referred me to the state’s vaccine distribution sheet, where you can see how many vaccines were allotted to each provider in the state.

As more vaccines become available, the hope is that these numbers will increase. For more information on if your neighbor in your county are getting vaccinated, head to the Department of Health’s website.

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