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COVID-19 Case Average

In this Segment, we take a look at how life across the U.S. is slowly returning to normal following last weekend’s celebration of Memorial Day Weekend. With the threat of new Variants, there are still concerns over the potential risks for those who are still unvaccinated.

Some good news in the Big Apple. Mayor Bill de Blasio saying: “Listen to this, this is the level of COVID positivity today in New York City—0.83%, the lowest we’ve seen EVER since this pandemic began.” New York isn’t alone. Nationwide, the seven day new COVID-19 case average is dropping, and more cities are reopening, like Las Vegas. Jenelle Fernandez, a Las Vegas Resident saying: “Its just been super strange going from not being allowed in public anywhere, and all of a sudden boom, everybody is outside.”

While many Americans are removing their masks and returning to some type of normalcy, Health Experts are urging people not to let their guard down — and to get Vaccinated. Dr. Carlos del Rio, Executive Assoc. Dean of Emory University School of Medicine at Grady Health System adding: “We still are at risk of variants in this country. The more people are vaccinated, the more protected we are.”

The CDC says more than half of the U.S. Population has now been at least partially Vaccinated. Moderna announced Tuesday it is applying for full FDA approval for it’s COVID-19 Vaccine in people ages 18 and up. Health Experts say that will have a big impact once it’s approved.

After more than a year of loss, suffering and isolation — many Americans are ready to move forward.

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